Crowds turn out for activist Angela Davis at MU

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COLUMBIA - Social activist Angela Davis was a key speaker in Washington D.C. Saturday for the Women's March on Washington. Days later Davis spoke at MU to reflect on the march and give advice. The scholar spoke in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

"The Women's March was absolutely amazing. The fact that so many women, men, trans people and youth showed up at an event that was organized just a few weeks ago that was extraordinary," she said.

Davis, who has written eight books and was previously on the FBI'S 'Ten Most Wanted List,' said demonstrations are a way to bring people together for a cause.

"We have to figure out how to show up when it's not necessarily about me," she said.

Davis drew such a large crowd at the Missouri Theatre that another auditorium opened with a live stream of her speech.

Marlena Thompson, a Stephens College student, attended the event because one day she aspires to be like Davis.

"I feel like it was mandatory for me to attend this and be educated and enlightened on things she has to say," Thompson said.

Davis had some advice for the upcoming generation.

"I advise them to sleep, and to study and to think," she said.

Davis said the public needs to draw on history and Martin Luther King Jr.'s struggle as a means to pay tribute to those who came together.