Crumbling Public Works Campus Leads to New Facility

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FULTON - Construction crews were out Thursday clearing land for a new public works facility in Fulton. The public works department along with eight other departments will occupy the new facility when it's built.

The current public works campus is in disrepair and some parts of the building date back 100 years. The foundation is crumbling in some parts and the city has spent a lot of money on improvements over the years, just to keep it standing.

City engineer Greg Hayes said, "Our current facility has well reached its prime, it's well outdated. It's been a good place for us over the years but we need to progress into the 21st century." 

The project would cost around $8 million and funding would come from different city departments. City officials told KOMU the project is still in the planning stages, and they hope to have the project blue prints out next month.

Hayes said next month is not a guarantee, but the city is working hard with contracting company Alliance.

"We want to run an efficient and safe operation and we don't think we can do that in our current building, so we've got to spend some money and these things don't come free,"  said Matt Harline, Assistant Director of Administration. 

Hayes said it's been 50 years since the city has done something like this and officials are building 50 years into the future. He added they want to get as much right as they can. 

The current campus houses public works and eight other departments. Three additional departments would be housed on the new campus, located on the northwest side of town. 

The city will host an open house on May 27th for community members to see what the new facility will look like, and for city officials to explain the need for the new facility.