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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Department of Revenue is warning consumers of unlicensed automobile dealers.  The term curbstoning is used to describe people that pretend to be private individuals selling cars, but sell so many that they should actually be regulated as an automobile dealership. 

In Missouri, if you sell six or more cars per year, you are required to get a license to sell as a legitimate dealership.  Instead, curbstoners are skipping out on the licensing process, not registering their cars, putting the state out of money and keeping some cars from getting the proper inspections. 

The regulations are there to protect consumers and keep auto dealers accountable.  "Sometimes if people buy a car from someone and then they later find out oh, this car is not as advertised or it is damaged and you didn't tell me this, but they're not a legitimate dealer, but they're doing this a lot, that's an example of curbstoning," said the Missouri Department of Revenue's Director of Communication, Ted Farnen.

Farnen said it's important to remain weary of people selling cars and because curbstoners work underground, the Missouri Department of Revenue's Criminal Investigation Bureau needs your help in reporting these cases.  If you think you've been a victim of curbstoning or bad automobile dealership practices, call the department of revenue at 1-800-877-3994.

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