Current Residents Question If They Will Lose Their Homes

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COLUMBIA - A development firm was set to meet Tuesday with members of the Columbia City Council about a new student housing complex in Columbia.

The development firm Collegiate Housing Partners is proposing a 112-unit apartment complex that will target students. The unit will be built where six houses currently stand on Conley Avenue near the under-construction Mark Twain residence hall.

In the proposal, Collegiate Housing Properties promises to provide 115 parking spots. The 115 spots do not meet city guidelines. In order to provide parking for the number of units the company would need to provide at least 300 spots.

This proposal is in early stages and will be decided as more information is presented to the city council and approved through the zoning committee.

In December, Collegiate Housing Partners attemped to purchase the Niedermeyer Apartments building on Tenth Street, demolish it, and construct a high-rise apartment building. Columbia's Historic Preservation Commission actively sought another buyer for the building, and the new buyer vowed not to tear it down.  Paul Prevo said the commission will review the facts about the six houses along Conley Avenue, but said there are multiple factors the commission reviews befoe intervening as it did with the Niedermeyer building. ""We look at things such as people who may have lived there, perhaps events that took place on the property, as well as the property's overall effect on the neighborhood," Prevo said.

Prevo said he expects the Historic Preservation Commission to review any demolition permits during its June meeting.