Customers eagerly await iPhone 6s launch Friday morning

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COLUMBIA - The iPhone 6s launches in stores Friday morning, and people get there early to get a good place in line.

"We start to see people lining up, camping in our parking lots now as early as midnight the night before," said Melissa Stroder, an AT&T Retail Sales Manager.

The 6s is Apple's 9th version of the iPhone.

"It's actually like Christmas for us," Stroder said. "A lot of preparation goes into it from merchandising to just gaining knowledge on the new product."

The new iPhone has more mega-pixels in the front facing cameras for selfie lovers, a faster internet connection and a new color, rose gold.

Employees have to go through training to learn about the new features so they are able to help customers.

According to Stroder, the store's goal is to have everyone walking out of the store with an iPhone.

AT&T isn't able to say how many iPhones are in stock for security reasons.

If the phones sell out, then AT&T will help customers order a phone that will ship to their house.