Cyber Crimes Detective Meets with Parents

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COLUMBIA - Detective Andy Anderson of the Boone County Sheriff's Department's Cyber Crimes Task Force spoke to Columbia residents Wednesday evening about Internet and cell phone safety. Anderson gave a presentation at Columbia Church of Christ in addition to handing out pamphlets with more information, and fielding questions from those in attendance about the presentation.

Anderson presented startling statistics about child pornography, sexting, and cyber bullying while providing a few helpful tips to help those in attendance protect children from the dangers. The greatest reaction from the audience came when Detective Anderson said more than 24,000 IP addresses were identified as displaying child pornagraphy in Missouri in the last six months of 2008.Vincent Hawkins of Columbia Church of Christ is confused as to why more people don't take advantage of what Detective Anderson and the Boone County Sheriff's Department's Cyber Crimes Task Force offer.

"He offers this presentation for free. He says he frequently goes to schools during the day and invites parents to come back at night for a presentation geared towards them, but very few parents show up," Hawkins said, "I don't get that."

Columbia Church of Christ recorded the presentation and will be posting it on its website soon.