Cyber security workshop: Change passwords every month

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COLUMBIA - Cyber scams happen all time and Columbia's Public Library is working to help individuals keep safe from them.

The library held a 'Surf the Web Safely' workshop Thursday to provide the public with tips to protect their information.

Public Services Librarian Brandy Sanchez said passwords protect against theft as well as privacy, but people may not realize they should change them once per month.

"The hardest thing is reminding people how often to do it. Nobody likes to change their passwords once a month," Sanchez said.

She said the workshop also help people find apps and tools to keep track of those passwords. 

"If you're not going to change your password every month, its a good idea to change your major passwords to things you access regularly at least every time you travel," she said.

She said if anyone has been using public wireless networks, it's possible the information can be taken by scammers.

She said cyber security workshops happen on a quarterly basis.