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JEFFERSON CITY -Cybersecurity experts will be holding sessions in Jefferson City Friday to teach people how to protect themselves online.

Huber and Associates, an IT solutions firm, will be in front of Yanis Coffee Zone on East High Street to mark Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

People who go will have the option to talk to the firm's employees about trends in cybersecurity. 

IT consultant Kayla Wilbers said protection from cybercrime is a sort of domino effect. 

"It's helping them with the tools and tricks that they can use to, themselves, be safer which makes businesses safer, which makes us all safer," Wilbers said. 

The team will pass out flyers with advice on staying safe online. Wilbers said it is important people understand cybercriminals prey on everyone.

"Cyber criminals do not say, 'I want to target businesses.' There's no discrimination among any of us," she said. 

Wilburs said there are a few things people using the internet should keep in mind.

"Are you using the same password for multiple web pages? Is your Facebook password the same as your online banking password? That's not a best practice," she said.