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COLUMBIA - The 'One Mizzou' campaign is underway after this afternoon's launch on MU's campus.

The student-led initiative comes after two racially charged incidents on the University of Missouri campus in the past two years. After a student spray-painted a racist message outside of Hatch Residence Hall in February, representatives of various student organizations met to discuss how to handle the problem.

The Missouri Student Association website calls the grassroots initiative an effort to create a culture of respect and responsibility among members of the Mizzou campus community. MSA, in partnership with other student groups, came up with several ideas to promote diversity on campus. These ideas include a campus wide One Mizzou banner and required online diversity training for freshmen.

Several hundred MU students and faculty, including Chancellor Brady Deaton, signed the banner to hang in the Student Center. Deaton and other campus leaders spoke about the importance of a recommitment to diversity.

"The only colors that matter here at Mizzou are black and gold," said Missouri Student Association President Eric Woods. 

Other students praised the discussions that events like can spur. "I just think that it's a good way for people to talking and not be afraid to dialogue about race and different issues," said Danielle Owens.

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