D-Day Paintings Invade the National Churchill Museum

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FULTON - The National Churchill Museum in Fulton is remembering D-Day with the debut of a series of paintings this weekend. 

The 63 paintings come from the National Museum of the United States Navy in Washington D.C. They are chronologically arranged in the museum so those viewing the paintings can follow the invasion from beginning to end.

The Museum's special exhibit features three artists that were sent along with troops to Europe during World War II. The paintings were subject to strict censorship causing the Navy Art Collection to not receive the art until well after the war.

Lt. Mitchell Jamieson is one of the artists featured.  He was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship, a prestigious art award, twice as well an award of merit by the Acadamy of Arts and Letters.  He crossed the English Channel on D-Day and went ashore with one of the first demolition units at Normandy.

Spc. First Class Alexander Russo, another artist featured, had pre-war art training and worked for a magazine which qualified him to help paint images for the Navy. His paintings depict invasion preparation and the drive across France.

Dwight Shepler also has paintings in the exhibit. He was a member of the American Artist's Group and the American Artist's Professional League. Most of his paintings are from the naval bases and Costal England. 

D-Day is June 6th and the exhibit is open until July 20th.