Dairy Queen data breach concerns customers

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COLUMBIA - Some Mid-Missourians' financial data is at risk for at least the fifth time in the past year. 

On Friday, KOMU 8 News learned of five Dairy Queen Grill and Chill locations that were affected by a nation-wide data breach. 

For most of the country, including mid-Missouri, personal information was at risk from early August to early September. Consumers were not informed until October 9. 

"Dairy Queen should have notified us," said Emma Armontrout, a Dairy Queen customer. "I frequently used my debit card here. I'll have to contact my bank and see if any transactions have occurred."

The following mid-Missouri Dairy Queen locations were affected:


  • DQ GRILL & CHILL RESTAURANT on North Business Highway 5 in Camdenton
  • DQ GRILL & CHILL RESTAURANT on Business Loop 70 East in Columbia
  • DQ GRILL & CHILL RESTAURANT on Forum Boulevard in Columbia
  • DQ GRILL & CHILL RESTAURANT on South Limit Avenue in Sedalia
  • DQ GRILL & CHILL RESTAURANT on Saline J Highway in Nelson
Misty Burkemper, lives right behind the Dairy Queen on Forum Boulevard. She says the data breach isn't the first to potentially affect her. 
"These breaches are concerning to me, especially since it's happened to me before," Burkemper said. "I had to get a whole new card, go through the process of getting declined. I'm almost thinking it's going to happen again."
Dairy Queen isn't the first national retailer to be affected by cyber attacks. Home Depot, Jimmy John's, Target and Michael's have also been the target of cyber attacks in the past year.
The Better Business Bureau offered the following tips for those concerned their data may be at risk:
  • Stay calm, since consumers are not liable for fraudulent charges on stolen account numbers.
  • If your card was compromised, you will likely hear from the bank or card-issuer first. If you have questions, call the customer service number on your card.
  • If your card was compromised, consider putting an alert or freeze on your credit report with the three major credit reporting agencies. A credit freeze will prevent anyone from accessing your credit report or scores. This means you cannot apply for new credit without lifting the freeze.
  • If you shopped at Home Depot with a credit card, check your credit card statements online and do not wait for the paper statement. If you see a fraudulent charge, report it to your bank or credit card issuer immediately so the charge can be reversed and a new card issued. Keep receipts in case you need to prove which charges you authorized and which you did not.
  • If you shopped at Home Depot with a debit card, follow all of the same instructions as those with credit cards, but pay careful attention to your account. Debit cards do not have the same protections as credit cards and debit transactions withdraw funds directly from your bank account.
  • Beware of scammers who may purport to be from the retailer, your bank or your credit card issuer saying that your card was compromised and that you should take actions to fix the problem. Phishing emails may attempt to fool you into providing your credit card information or ask you to click on a link or open an attachment, which can download malware designed to steal your identity.