Dallas Home to First Frozen Margarita Machine

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DALLAS - A little more than 40 years ago, Mariano Martinez had the idea to blend ice, lime juice, tequila and sugar to make a frozen margarita.  Up until Martinez' epiphany, blended margaritas were served by using numerous blenders instead of one big frozen margarita machine.    

 "When people were approached, asked 'what would you like to drink?' They say margaritas, so the bartenders couldn't keep up with the margaritas, so we were burning up blenders faster than i could buy them," Martinez said. 

So after thinking of how to solve the margarita problem, Martinez had an idea.

"The next day, I stopped at a 7/11 store to buy a cup of coffee and I saw a slurpee machine sitting there and that's when the light when off, off in my head," Martinez said.

Martinez used the technology behind a 'slurpee' machine to build the first frozen margarita machine.  As for inventing the margarita itself, the history is hazy--two different people claim ownership of the drink.  But only one man invented the machine that blends it all together.  

About twenty minutes up the road from the AT&T Stadium, home to the Cotton Bowl, is where Mariano's oldest restaurant sits.  Martinez owns five other restaurants in Texas cities including Frisco, Colleyville, Carrollton, Arlington and North Dallas.