Damage assessment

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JEFFERSON CITY - A total of 611 buildings throughout Jefferson City and Cole County were damaged by the May tornado.

Authorities released a preliminary assessment Monday.

Of the buildings damaged, 466 are in the Jefferson City limits.

More than 80 percent of those were residential. The rest were government or commercial. 

One of the owners of the Riley Auto Group says the storm was a disaster for his dealerships.

"We had cars just scattered everywhere. 750 plus vehicles totaled. Glass everywhere. Parts of the building everywhere. Rocks from the quarry everywhere. Who knows what else was scattered from other locations," Kevin Riley said. 

Several sources of data were utilized to complete this assessment, including: emergency search and rescue activities; Missouri Structural Assessment and Visual Evaluation Coalition structural inspections; American Red Cross damage assessment; post-disaster aerial photography and drone video review; and tornado-related building permits issued. 

The assessment will help those trying to receive assistance from FEMA. 

The Emergency Management Director says his team is doing its best to help. 

"We are trying to let people know that FEMA won't be here tomorrow with a check. It will take a little bit. The first step is to submit the paper work, and we have done that,"Bill Farr said. 

If FEMA agrees to assist an individual or business, they can sit down with a representative from the agency and assess how they can be helped.