Dark streets allows for crime on Edenton Blvd.

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COLUMBIA - City strategic planning leaders and the Columbia Police Department’s Community Outreach Unit will host a community unity meeting Thursday evening to talk about safety and the possibility of installing street lights at the end of Edenton Blvd. 

The darkly-lit area has struggled with suspicious activity over the past months, according to property manager of housing complex Edenton Ridge Steven Reifsteck.

"Up and down the road there is definitely some crime, activity of that nature, we've had calls about drug deals, I've actually been here for a drive by shooting. Last Fourth of July was a nightmare with fireworks and all that stuff, there's property damage just constantly," he said.

Reifsteck said he was working in the front office last spring when he heard multiple bullets flying through the main entrance parking lot.

"I look outside and seen a car speeding through and I seen one of our tenants running and screaming and crying. And she didn't have her key to get in the door, she was jerking on the door and I had to run to let her in. It was terrifying, for everybody, it affected the whole building actually."

Reifsteck said other disturbances like property damage are common outside the complex and along the entire street. He said kids and families lives in the area.

He also said "lights” and “security cameras” could help prevent crime from happening in the area.

The North Neighborhood Strategic Planning Community Unity meeting will discuss these issues and others tonight from 4000 Derby Ridge Drive Columbia, Missouri 65202  at 6pm.