Darts Bring a Community Closer Together

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COLUMBIA -- For some, throwing darts is just a bar game.  But for others it is also a way to make friends.  

Friends, families, smiles, and laughter can all be found at a dart competition.

"Met some of my best friends in life through darts, it's really a little fraternity, sorority, type thing," experienced dart player Mike Mudd said.


Darts bring people of all different ages and backgrounds together.  The Columbia Dart Association has a competitor as young as 14 and people in their 70's that still throw darts.

"There's everybody from lawyers to blue collar workers," Mudd said.


"They're just from all over, different walks of life you know and they come together and this is all just a different social family gathering for all of them," Columbia Dart Association President Mark Nowlin said.

The sport also allows people to make new friends.

"The people that you meet, I mean we're meeting new people all the time, every day, it just grows as one big happy family," Nowlin said.

"I just started about a couple months ago and I enjoy it. I meet a lot of new people and everybody is really nice," new dart player Andrea Wymer said.

"If you're a dart player you have friends all over the country," Wymer said.

While it is obvious that everyone is friends, at the end of the day, winning still matters.

"We all want to win. We all understand that. So you can be competitive but you are still friends with the people you're playing with," Wymer added.