Data Shows Columbia Crime Down in 2013

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COLUMBIA- The Columbia Police Department released a crime data report Friday for 2013 which showed crime was down compared to past years.

Columbia Police released the data in the annual Uniform Crime Reporting, or UCR report.

The information broke down the data into the different categories of crime. The main two categories were violent and property crimes.

Here were some of the major changes in crime statistics in 2013:

  • Violent crimes were the lowest in 20 years
  • Lowest amount of robberies since 2003
  • Aggravated assaults were at their lowest since 2008
  • Increase in property crimes
  • Forcible rapes were the highest in 20 years due to what police said were federal changes in regulations of what is classified as rape
  • Crime during college holidays break periods increased

Officer Latisha Stroer of the Columbia Police Department said the next step with the UCR is to pass it along to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The UCR gives the Columbia Police Department an opportunity for federal grants.