Dave Spence Celebrates Victory With Supporters

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ST. LOUIS - Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence celebrated his victory in Tuesday's primary with around 300 supporters at the Hilton Saint Louis Frontenac Tuesday night. Spence held a commanding lead in the polls the whole evening, but the crowd still cheered when the emcee announced that the AP named Spence the winner. 

Spence himself arrived a little after nine and gave a victory speech. In the speech, Spence condemned Missouri's current governor Jay Nixon and his administration. Spence said that in the real world, if Missouri was a company the CEO would have been fired. He said, "The only thing we're number one in is meth production; we're 50th in jobs, 49th in higher education, we're 48th out of 50 in the last 10 years, we have 45 thousand kids in unaccredited schools. In the real world that CEO would be fired."

Spence also touted his experience in the business world over his competitors who he called career politicians. However Spence said he hopes his former republican competitors will band together in support.

In an interview with KOMU-8 earlier this week Spence said the economy is the biggest issue facing Missouri and that as governor he would work to bring more jobs to the state.

Spence took 59.9% of the vote, with a total 333,388 votes- more than 40 points higher than his closest competitor Bill Randles.