David Hosier Found Guilty in Busy Third Day of Trial

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JEFFERSON CITY - A busy day in the David Hosier trial ended with the jury returning a guilty verdict on all four charges. After deliberating for about an hour and a half, the jury convicted Hosier of first-degree murder, armed criminal action, burglary and unlawful possession of a weapon.

The convictions stem from an incident in Spetember 2009, when Hosier shot and killed Angela Gilpin. When the verdict was read Gilpin's family members began crying tears of joy. Before the verdict a sister of Gilpin said four years is too long to wait for closure.

The prosecution rested its case at about noon today, and the defense had a chance to present arguments and call witnesses. The defense called two witnesses.

The first witness testified that blood found on Hosier's jeans was not a match to either Angela or Rodney Gilpin. 

The second witness was Detective Mark Edwards with the Jefferson City Police Department. Edwards testified about the crime scene when he arrived and about a video that was taken of him testing the alleged murder weapon, a sten submachine gun. During the video, the gun jammed several times and only got more than two bullets at one time. 

During closing arguments the defense said Hosier's sten gun could not have been the murder weapon because the gun would not have been able to surprise Gilpin outside her apartment like the state asserted. 

The state summarized its case during closing arguments, focusing on Hosier's actions before and after the murder. The state replayed a voice mail Hosier left hours before the murder. In the expletive-filled voice mail Hosier said "I'm gonna [expletive] finish it, I'm tired of the [expletives]."

The state also talked about a conversation Hosier had with his neighbor when he said "I'm going to eliminate the problem." 

The state argued Hosier committed the murder for a disgusting reason. "Hosier did it for one of the most vile reasons that exists, and that is jealousy," prosecuting attorney Mark Richardson said.

After the murder Hosier drove to Oklahoma where he was pulled over and arrested. The prosecution said "flight equals guilt."

When Hosier was pulled over the arresting officer found Hosier's sten gun, along with 15 magazines. One magazine was missing 12 rounds. 

There is a hearing Thursday at 9:00 a.m. that will discuss Hosier's fate. The death penalty is an option in this case.