Days old colt celebrates 10th anniversary of Budweiser Clydesdale Ranch

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BOONVILLE - The unnamed colt stood up strong Saturday as visitors from around the country gathered for the season's opening.

The colt is one of six foals already born this season with 14 more expected before the season’s close.

Warm Springs Ranch Supervisor John Soto said the colt’s name may start with ‘C’ after her mother, Christina.

“She was up in two hours, eating in two and a half,” Soto said. “She’s going to be a character.”

Soto said each Clydesdale on the ranch has a different personality.

“Every one of them are like people," Soto said.

The colt was born March 22, just in time to kick off the season opening tours.

Soto said the ranch had close to 26,000 visitors last year and doesn’t see the ranch leaving Boonville anytime soon.