Deadline Approaching to Recycle Whole Holiday Trees Curbside

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COLUMBIA - Sunday begins the final week to recycle whole holiday trees curbside. After Friday, January 31st, there will be restrictions put on disposing of the trees.

Columbia residents can leave their holiday trees on the curb on the day they normally have scheduled for pick up. Decorations don't have to be removed. Columbia Public Works Solid Waste reports these trees go to the bioreactor landfill on Peabody Road. It said at the reactor, workers add liqued to accelerate the breaking down of the trees. The trees will help produce methane to be used to generate electricity.

After Friday, residents must cut their trees into parts no longer than four feet each. The wood must be bundled in order to get picked up curbside.

People can drop their trees off at either Capen Park Mulch Site or Parkside Drive Mulch Site for recycling. With these sites, all decorations need to be removed since the trees will be ground into mulch.