Deadline Looming for Cell Phone No-Call List

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COLUMBIA - Missourians have almost a week left to register their cell phones on the no-call list, according to Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster in a statement Tuesday. 

Residents must register before Aug. 1 for their numbers to be included on the Oct. 1 list sent to telemarketers. 

One Columbia resident has been on the no-call list for several years now. "My husband and I have decided to go with the no-call list so subscribers wouldn't be hassling us and we wouldn't get obscene phone calls," Tina Lockwood said.

An MU graduate student is not on the no-call list but said he will think about it now because he sees its benefits. "If you have an old phone number and you've been getting a lot of these then it's good to have things set up. But for those who have new phone numbers, I don't think they'll get text messages and phone calls like that so maybe they don't need it," Badri Adhikari said.

"More than 175,000 numbers have been registered since June 14, the day Governor Nixon signed the legislation expanding the registry to include cell phones," Koster said in a statement. "This is a tremendous response by people who are tired of receiving and having to pay for unwelcome and annoying calls on their cell phones."

The no-call registry is updated quarterly, and people who add their mobile numbers to the list by July 31 will be covered as of October 1. Everyone signing up after July 31 and before November 1 will be covered beginning January 1.

Koster said the law covers only cell phones that are primarily used for personal and family calls. Cell phones that are used primarily for business cannot be taken off the no-call list under this law.

There is no expiration date on the registration. 

According to the Attorney General's website, a telemarketer who violates the law faces a penalty of up to $5,000 for each knowing violation. To date the Attorney General's Office has obtained court orders requiring telemarketers that violated the No-Call law to pay $3,793,000 to the state.

People can register their number on the Attorney General's website at or by phone at 866-662-2551.