Deaton Stays Mum on Realignment

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COLUMBIA - University of Missouri (MU) Chancellor Brady Deaton did not state with certainty if there will be an any realignment of the Big 12 athletic conference Thursday.

"In a sense, anything is possible," Chancellor Brady Deaton said.

Deaton held a mid-evening news conference where he told reporters the Big 12 will create a working group to examine a number of issues, but he refused to specify.

Deaton also said the Big 12 reactivated its expansion committee to consider new members for the conference.

"That's an expansion committee of athletic directors and chancellors and presidents to look at the expansion issue and bring recommendations back to the board," Deaton said.

He also refused to say if MU had received an offer to join the Southeastern Conference (SEC). MU Athletic Director also spoke on the past month.

"I don't know all of these dates seem to run together," Alden said in reference to the SEC report. "People were calling people all over the country, and so I think that's just to get a pulse on things."

The news comes after former Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe announced he will step down from his post. Former Big 8 Commissioner Chuck Neinas accepted the position.

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