Debate Over Sex Offender Numbers

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JEFFERSON CITY - Governor Jay Nixon's office released new sex offender numbers on Wednesday. But a dispute over the numbers is bringing up new debate surrounding his veto of House Bill 301. 

Gov. Nixon news release said 870 sexual offenders would be removed from sexual offender websites if lawmakers override his veto. In Gov. Nixon's veto message, however, he said 560 sexual offenders would be removed from the websites. 

Rep. Kevin Engler said he doesn't think the discrepancy in numbers is a big deal. 

"No, I think the governor is making up numbers to try to take care of his position and try to cover his position. In reality, the people that are affected, whether they be 700 or 800 or 500, are only people that committed a crime when they were a minor," Engler said. 

Scott Holste, a spokesperson for Nixon, said Nixon's office was provided with a more accurate estimate involving the number of sexual offenders since Nixon's original veto message. Holste said 870 sexual offenders is a more accurate estimate according to numbers from the Highway Patrol.