Debris Falls From Bridge and Hits Car

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COLUMBIA - A woman is trying to find who is responsible for the damage done to her car on Tuesday after debris fell from COLT Railroad Bridge and shattered her sunroof.

Brittney Bissell was driving North on Highway 63 toward Harrisburg during rush hour when she said she saw something fall from underneath the bridge and felt it hit the top of her car.

Her four-month-old daughter was in the car with her at the time, but both Bissell and her baby were unharmed.

Bissell's sunroof screen was closed, protecting them both from the shattered glass and debris. Bissell said the damage done to her car will cost about $1,000 to fix and as of now her insurance isn't covering it.

"I've been calling everywhere and given the run around. I called MoDOT who told me to call the City of Columbia, but they haven't returned my calls," Bissell said.

MoDOT called KOMU and said that Columbia Water and Light does in fact own the COLT railroad bridge.

Sarah Perry, risk manager for the City of Columbia, said without additional details or a processed claim, she could not say what would be covered or not.

Bissell said she hopes the city can find out if something is wrong with the bridge so that someone isn't seriously hurt in the future. Bissell also said she spoke to someone at MoDOT who said this is not the first time debris fell from the bridge and caused an accident.