Decorate the District

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COLUMBIA - Mizzou's annual homecoming tradition, Decorating the District, kicked off yet again Thursday. Students risked the threat of bad weather as they painted colorful and imaginative illustrations on businesses all along Ninth Street downtown.

Homecoming co-director Jordyn Klackner said that not much has changed this year, but the theme of the art is defnitely different.

"The one thing  I can really think of that would be new that people haven't seen...each year groups participating get to pick a participation theme. Last year, the participation theme was celebrations, so all of the decorations had to do with their chosen theme or celebration they had chosen. And this year the participation theme is eras. But other than that, it'll look just as fun and special as it always does," said Klackner.

Though the weather was far from ideal for painting outside, participant Kathryn Ruddy said that it wouldn't ruin the event.

"We're using an acryllic paint, so luckily it's not going to smear as bad as if we used a regular window paint. Unfortunately the weather didn't help out that much, but it should hold up and luckily we have enough time to touch up before the judging starts," Ruddy said.

According to Klackner, 10 new businesses have joined the festivities this year. And due to MU's first inclusion in the SEC, SEC-related illustrations have been popping up here and there among the buildings.