Defense Calls Witnesses in Tre'veon Marshall Murder Trial

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COLUMBIA - The first witness for Nicholas Thomas' defense team testified she lied to investigators about the names of two men she saw just before Tre'veon Marshall was murdered last June.

The third day of Nicholas Thomas' murder trial in Marshall's death saw Hailey Hatton take the stand for the defense team. Hatton was romantically-involved with Marshall at the time and said she invited him to her house the evening of the murder.

Hatton testified that while sitting on her porch, she and Marshall saw two men sitting at a nearby bus stop. After a walk up to the basketball courts at McKee Park, she and Marshall were headed back to Hatton's home when they saw the same two men from the bus stop.

According to Hatton, the two men had covered their faces.

Hatton said Marshall told her to run home, and after taking off, that she heard gunshots.

Hatton told Columbia Police she thought the two men she had seen were named Keon and De'Quan, not Nick Thomas or his alleged accomplice, Joshua Murray.
However, upon cross-examination, she later told investigators she had lied about the men's suspected identities.

Prosecution finished calling witnesses this morning after three more took the stand, including Missouri State Highway Patrol investigator Nick Gerhardt.

Gerhardt told the court he identified gunshot residue on a backpack belonging to Thomas when he was taken into custody in August 2013.