Defining the Future of Columbia

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COLUMBIA - As the city continues to see population growth, the Comprehensive Plan Task Force is developing a plan called "Columbia Imagined" that will integrate several other city improvement projects and groups to define Columbia in the next two decades.  Right now, the group is looking to improve the city's relationship with residents by creating interaction through social media Web sites including Facebook and Twitter.  Officials say the task force will gradually define strengths and weaknesses associated with Columbia's economy, infrustructure, and relationship with community members in a series of phases.  The group will also seek input from the community on how it should function.

Some group members say the new task force functions as a long-term plan to revitalize the city as more people move to the area.

"Five years ago when I started with the city, there was so much development that we spent a lot of time reviewing and probably not enough time with proactive planning, said Tim Teddy, Comprehensive Plan Task Force.

One of the goals of the task force is to improve the city's interaction with the people who call Columbia home.  Teddy said the city could make improvements by communicating with the community in ways people like.  Members also discussed how Columbia residents will be able to use social media Web sites to communicate with group members during meetings.

The next step for the organizationwill be listening to input from the public about how to define this group and later the city's future.   The next meeting will be May 4th.

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