Delta Departs Columbia Regional Airport

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COLUMBIA - Delta Airlines offered one last flight on Wednesday at 12:20 p.m. to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  

With Delta service coming to an end and American flights on their way, the city released a new website for the airport including updated flight status information and flight schedules. Delta decided to end its service after Columbia Regional Airport added American Airlines and offered a $3 million revenue guarantee.  Columbia Public Information Specialist Steven Sapp said, "We are sorry to see Delta Airlines discontinuing service from COU. We feel mid-Missouri has provided Delta with loyal customers and we hope that in time Delta will re-evaluate their business decision and return to COU."

"Mid-Missouri and Columbia Regional Airport are pleased to welcome American Airlines. We are pleased that American Airlines will be able to offer mid-Missouri travelers two of the most requested destinations; Dallas/Fort Worth and Chicago O'Hare," said Sapp.

Even though the Dallas and Chicago flights will connect to Atlanta, some passengers are upset about Delta leaving. Jodie Clark flies about three times a year to stay in touch with her family. "This flight is my family connection," said Clark.

"Now that American is the carrier in place out here at Columbia Regional Airport, I think they only go through Chicago or Dallas/Fort Worth and although I will be willing to do that because I have family here, it's a little more difficult to make those connections."

American Airlines' service begins on Thursday with direct flights to and from Dallas and Chicago.  Sapp said, "The former Delta ticket counter is being converted to American Airlines and American is handling most of that. Work is on schedule to be completed by Americans first flight tomorrow. New signs for American are being installed today."

A welcoming event is scheduled on Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. for American Airlines.