Demaret Drive has extensive history of crime

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BOONE COUNTY - A fatal shooting on Demaret Drive Wednesday night is the latest in a long list of crimes on the street.

Louis L. Green, 23, was shot in the back around 5 p.m. and the Boone County Sheriff's Office was still looking for suspects Thursday afternoon.

Many crimes have taken place on Demaret Drive, which lies near I-70 East just outside of Columbia's city limits.

In 2016, someone shot a man in the face there. Another man shot two people in 2015. 

The year before, Boone County Deputies responded to 26 calls to the street in 26 days. In 2013, two armed men forcefully entered a home and robbed its residents.

Those are just the crimes KOMU 8 News has covered in the past.

The sheriff's department has an interactive map available on its website that lets people see where and when crimes were committed.

In the past year, deputies have responded to Demaret Drive for many larcenies, some vandalism, adult abuse, assault, assault with a weapon, stolen vehicles and arson. 

A former landlord there, T.K. Livingston, offered to let the sheriff's department establish a substation in one of his properties for free. The department declined saying the street is not an ideal location for a station and there were concerns about staffing and cost.

Livingston also tried to get Columbia to annex his property on Demaret Drive so the city could get residents to clean up the area and establish a heavier police presence.

He said he believes the only way the crime situation will improve is if authorities have a constant presence in the area. Last year, he sold his apartments because, without a law enforcement agency in the area, he doesn't think the value of the property will increase.

A resident who lives right next to the location of Wednesday's shooting, said people who live on Demaret Drive aren't to blame for the crime level. She said people from outside the neighborhood bring crime.

Ruby Jennings, who has been on Demaret Drive for many years, also said people from outside the neighborhood are responsible. She said the crime is a result of societal issues and people not raising their children right. She said she'd like to move.