Demolition begins on Fulton's old warehouse complex

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FULTON - A warehouse complex that has been standing in Fulton, with some parts dating back to the 19th century, is now in the process of being demolished.

The complex originally served as a fire brick manufacturing plant before transitioning into the city's maintenance facility in the 1950s. From there, it went on to provide jobs for hundreds for more than six decades. 

"There's sadness, not so much for those of us who are here today because in those times we were not there," Fulton Mayor LeRoy Benton said. "But for our city employees, I know some of them really hated to leave just because they had been there for 20 years plus.”

The complex was heavily damaged by a storm back in May 2017. However, plans to tear down the complex had already been in place after the buildings began to cave in, posing a safety issue. The city moved into its new building in early 2016. 

"We realized that we had gotten all of [the complex's] economic life that we could get, so we created a new campus for our utilities." Benton said.

As of now, there are no future plans for the property, though several parts of the complex will still remain, such as the beehive kiln and chimney, leftover from the site's initial fire brick manufacturing. The total cost of the demolition comes in at $49,134.75