Demolition continues as Ashland schools start

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ASHLAND - Southern Boone County Middle School started the new school year Wednesday but demolition of the old high school on the same property is still underway. 

The construction company expected to finish the project before the start of the school year, but delays in construction mean the building is still standing. School officials did not return calls to confirm any possible disruptions, but the school plans to close the side of the building closest to the construction.

A large portion of the original building is still standing, surrounded by rubble. The back of the middle school is gated off to block students and staff from entering through the back near the construction. Students will be directed to avoid the back side of the school and instead enter through the front door.

The school board voted to demolish the building in July and started the demolition later in the month. The building is 111 years old and the school board had been discussing its demolition for five years, the last time the building housed students. School officials said the building is no longer safe.

The school district's plan, once the demolition is complete, is to use the land to expand the neighboring middle school, but there is no specific date for completion.