Demolition Request Filed for Columbia's Oldest Building

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COLUMBIA - A sign outside the Niedermeyer apartments at Tenth and Cherry streets downtown says a demolition application for the building has been filed with the city. The large white building has been there since 1837. 

The Columbia Historic Preservation Commission has 10 days from the day the application was filed to give a recommendation to the city council about whether the building should stay or go. Columbia Third Ward City Councilman Gary Kespohl expects that recommendation to come at Monday's council meeting.

Columbia resident Dan Basceanu said his girlfriend lives in the Niedermeyer building, and he does not want to see it go. "It's pretty disappointing because this place has been around for a long time. It's disappointing to see them build up another Brookside or something," Basceanu said.

Kespohl also said the Columbia City Council is set to introduce an ordinance that would extend the Historic Preservation Commission's 10 day review period to no more than 30 days. The council also expects to schedule a public hearing on the possible demolition in the next few weeks.