Denmon Tops the Tiger's Top Ten Plays of the Year, Again

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COLUMBIA -- Big wins, late shots, and clutch performances made their way onto the top ten plays of the season for Missouri basketball.

Play number ten comes from the clutch shooting at the end of the contest of Oklahoma as Kim English buried a three to put Mizzou up five.

"Phil (Pressey) finding me was more important than me making the shot. Me making the shot was just repetition and I was blessed that it happened to go in," English said.

Number nine is courtesy of Mizzou's man in the middle. Steve Moore has a reverse dunk against Kennesaw State. Moore shares the play with himself as his dunk against Baylor also draws rave reviews.

"I don't know if he was passing to Steve or Mike (Dixon) cause Mike was in the fold with his hands ready, but Steve was just lumbering down the court because he lumbers," English said.

Play eight, obviously great, is Michael Dixon to Marcus Denmon and their alley oop dunk against Northwestern State.

"I saw Mike on the right side. We kind of made eye contact. I said throw it up and the dude tried to jump and he grabbed my arm, but I still finished the and one," Denmon said.

Play number seven came in the "Border Battle." In a tie game with one and a half minute left, Kim English had the and one to put the Tigers on top.

"Mike finally got in his guy and he pressured him and he deflected it and Ricardo got it and he got it to me. I was the least important part of that play," English said.

Play six is all about number one's passing. Phil Pressey is a master of no-look passes to Ricardo Ratliffe. Games against Villanova, Iowa State, and Kansas State displayed just a few of his gems.

Play number five belongs to Michael Dixon. At the end of the game against Kansas he drew the charge on Tyshawn Taylor.

"He was in the clutch and Mike Dixon being the smart player that he is giving his body up for the team," Ratliffe said.

Play four is a high flying follow as Matt Pressey gets the put back dunk against Illinois. The only problem was he didn't stick the landing.

"I saw Matt come out of nowhere for a slam and he was screaming. He was real amped," Denmon said.

"Matt's like an old man in a young man's body. He just explodes and it surprises everybody," Ratliffe added.

Matt's brother Phil upstaged him for play number three. Against Binghamton, Phil knocks the ball away, then throws it over his head into the hands of Ricardo Ratliffe who finished in style.

"Like someone dropped a loaf of bread in a basket," English said. "It just dropped in Ricardo's hands."

"He said he didn't know where I was, but he just decided to throw it down there because he figured I'd be there," Ratliffe said.

Play number two is the two biggest points in the game at Texas. With just seconds left, Michael Dixon hits the layup to give Mizzou the one point win.

"It was a play that won a game for us. Even though it was just a lay up. It was a tough one. It was left handed and it was really high," Denmon said.

Play number one isn't a play, but a series of shots by Marcus Denmon. Against Kansas he scores nine straight points in 68 seconds to turn an eight point deficit into a one point lead.

"All nine of them were really huge. The three in front of the bench was the biggest," English said.

"It's not something you see everyday so it was a really big highlight for our team," Denmon added.

"Coach Haith probably has the top 10 plays because he draws the stuff up," English said.

"I never totally agree with your top ten highlights, but I'm not the person to go find them so obviously you're doing a good job because I don't even remember the games," Denmon speculated.

Denmon is the back-to-back winner of the play of the year.

Last year his steal and lay-up against Vanderbilt was the Tigers top play in our poll.