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COLUMBIA — This summer might be a little bit quieter because this year's cicada season, beginning in July, will have significantly less cicadas than last year's season.  

"Some people may remember these other events of the periodical cicadas which we had millions and millions of them coming out," Missouri Department of Conservation Entomogolist Rob Lawrence said. "It won't be like that."

There are two types of cicadas: annual and periodical cicadas. Annual cicadas come out every year while periodical cicadas come out in 13 and 17 year cycles. With the periodical cicadas emerging in May of 2015, there won't be as many cicadas around this summer. 

Lawrence said the annual cicadas are nothing to worry about. 

"They really don't have too much of an impact on us. They will have a little bit of an impact on trees. They cut slits into the branches of trees to lay their eggs. But when we have the annual cicadas out each year, they're so few of them that they do very little damage to trees and they provide food for various wildlife," Lawrence said.

The annual cicadas this summer will make noise, but the noise will be manageable.

"The singing the annual cicadas do is noticeable and you'll hear them, but it's really not anything that's going to be a nuisance.

Columbia resident Sarah Parks said she's excited to not worry about as many cicadas this summer. 

"Near the end of the summer when everyone's outside and hanging out, it won't be as loud. I do remember some loud summers," Parks said. 

As for Lawrence, he enjoys the sound of the cicadas. 

"I kind of like to hear it as part of the sounds of summer. It's just part of summer here in the midwest," Lawrence said. 

For more information on cicadas, visit the Missouri Department of Conservation website.