Department of Corrections director optimistic about changes

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COLUMBIA - The director of the Missouri Department of Corrections plans to make changes to the statewide facilities next Friday. 

After complaints from employees about employee mistreatment, Missouri Department of Corrections Director Anne Precythe said she is excited for the direction the department will take. 

"There's a recognition of the things we've done really, really well and there's an opportunity to evaluate the things that can be improved upon or even new strategies on how to deal with the challenges," Precythe said.

Starting next week, employees will now have three different ways to file a complaint. 

"We're very excited about the hot line," Precythe said. "They can report it through their chain of command, report it to civil rights officer, or they can call the new hot line."

Precythe said the team has made nine changes in leadership  throughout the department.  

"We will be making changes at three of our adult institutions," Precythe said. "We have a new parol board chairmen and we have a new division of offender of rehabilitation director, so that's pretty major."

Missouri Department of Corrections employee, Travis Case says he supports the director in the changes she's made and says she has kept up with her promises.

Case testified in February about the harassment issues at the Northeast Correctional Center in Bowling Green, Missouri.

The changes are done in conjunction with the Subcommittee on Corrections Workforce Environment and Conduct.