Department of Economic Development

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JEFFERSON CITY - The interim Committee on Government Oversight and Accountability questioned officials from the Department of Economic Development Monday about the Missouri Quality Jobs program. A recent report from the Department of Economic Development showed out of 23,145 jobs promised, only 5,873 have been created.

While committee members stressed the investigation is not just about Mamtek, the failed Moberly venture was a main topic of discussion. Committee chairman, Rep. Jay Barnes pressed DED officials to admit that Mamtek was a failure. The officials refused to admit its failure saying only, "Mamtek did not turn out as anyone would have expected."

After committee members and DED officials argued over the definition of a "failure" or "success" of a business in the Quality Jobs program, Rep. Barnes insisted press releases are inaccurate. According to Barnes, the press releases present predicted jobs numbers as promises. The DED countered, saying the numbers are only budget estimates.