Department of Revenue\'s Acting Director Testifies about State Compliance with Federal Act

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JEFFERSON CITY - Acting Director of the Department of Revenue John Mollenkamp testified Thursday afternoon to discuss allegations the Department of Revenue violated state law by trying to comply with the federal Real ID Act.

One of the actions the Bipartisan Committee of Public Safety asked Mollenkamp about is the "photo first" policy. The photo first policy is a policy in which a person's photo is taken as the first step in obtaining a state ID. The Department of Revenue wants to implement the policy as a security measure, but the committee said it is one step toward becoming compliant with the Real ID Act.

Mollenkamp said his department is not trying to comply with the act. Mollenkamp said the Department of Revenue would have to adjust its procedures to be compliant with Real ID.

"We are not compliant with Real ID. We would have to amend 302.183 and alter procedures to comply," Mollenkamp said.

Mollenkamp was also asked about the department's electronic database of concealed carry permits. He said the Missouri State Highway Patrol requested a list of concealed carry endorsements from the office of administration twice. Mollenkamp said the department has not received any request for concealed carry information since April 15. The department also has a policy in place for reviewing requests for concealed carry permits. The division chief in the motor vehicle department now reviews all requests.

Mollenkamp also said there is a possibility documents would not be scanned in the future if Senate Bill 252 becomes law. Senate Bill 252 includes provisions that prohibit the department from retaining copies of documents used to obtain driver's licenses.