Department of Transportation Tries To Reduce Semi Truck Accidents

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Transportation is focusing on safety for semi truck drivers during National Safe Driver Week.  MoDOT's Outreach Coordinator, Sandra Hentges, said the number of accidents between semi trucks and drivers are decreasing, but the numbers are still too high.

"In the last year there were more than one hundred deaths from commercial vehicle accidents and drivers, and the statistics are pretty alarming," said Hentges.

According the the 2010 traffic safety compendium, more than 4,000 people were injured in commercial vehicle accidents and 105 people were killed.

MoDOT purchased multiple billboards around the state of Missouri with safety tips for drivers, websites and Facebook pages to educate drivers about how to drive with commercial vehicles around.

Hentges said one of the biggest reasons why semi trucks are involved in accidents is because of their blind spots. 

Truck driver, Kevin Blomer has been driving commercial trucks for more than six years.  Blomer agrees blind spots are all over when driving a large vehicle.

"It can depend on the color of the car, the size and even time of the day that affects how truckers can miss surrounding cars, but drivers need to be aware it's harder for us to manuever around them," said Blomer.

Hentges said the safety week's goal is to educate drivers and truckers how to avoid accidents between the two of them.

National Safe Driver Week is from Oct. 17-24th.