Dept. of Conservation Provides Workshop on Controlled Burns

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BOONVILLE - The Missouri Department of Conservation held a workshop on controlled burns in Boonville Saturday morning.

The department said trying to do a controlled burn on a day after snow has just melted, like Saturday, is actually a bad idea.

"A lot of the times when the snow is melting, it'll just automatically evaporate and then with the winds coupled in, it's just drying the grass," Seth Moore, a private lands conservationist with the Missouri Department of Conservation, said. "All that fuel is dry and if you lit it, it'll just go up in flames and it'll spread faster than you can control it."

There was a hazardous weather outlook and red flag warning for much of southwest Missouri on Saturday.

A red flag warning is issued when there is a high risk of fire spreading rapidly because of low humidity and high winds.

Moore said there's a variety of reasons fires get away from people.

"Usually when they're trying to do them by themselves and they don't have any experience the fire will get away from them," Moore said. "It's too windy or it's too dry. They just don't have the resources to put the fire out, too, and they end up calling the fire department out and you can end up damaging a lot of infrastructure or even hurting people."

Moore said the controlled burns often help the land they're done on and helps to keep the natural habitat for an environment intact.

Before trying to have a burn, Moore said there are a few important things too keep in mind.

"You need to know fuel, weather, topography before you even think about doing a burn, what you're property is like," Moore said.