Deputy Home from Hospital a Month After Collapsing on the Job 2

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MILLER COUNTY - The family of the Miller County Sheriff's deputy said Friday Tom McClelland was released from Mercy Hospital in Springfield Wednesday. 

McClelland had been in the hospital for nearly a month after he collapsed while on duty serving a search warrant in Eldon May 16. McClelland was found at the search warrant location not breathing and without a pulse. The Miller County Ambulance Service transported McClelland to Lake Regional Medical Center in Osage Beach before being flown to Mercy Hospital. The deputy was listed in critical condition, citing cardiac arrest from an unknown medical emergency.

McClelland's mother announced the news on the "Prayers for Deputy Tom McClelland" Facebook page Wednesday. In the post below, you see McClelland visiting the sheriff's department in a cast Thursday.

McClelland said his doctors said they still don't know what caused him to collapse in May. His mother, Melissa Burnett, said the odds were against McClelland's recovery.

"We were also told in the beginning that he may need to learn to walk again, he may need to learn to eat and talk again, and by the grace of God, he's amazed everybody and he's just flying through recovery," Burnett said.

McClelland said his memory of the night he collapsed is limited. He said he remembers collapsing, waking up, and then collapsing again. Burnett lives in California and flew out to Missouri as soon as she got the news.

"I was in the middle of changing planes, when his dad called and said, 'You need to get here as quick as you can. We have thirty percent chance to make it,'" Burnett said.

When KOMU 8 News spoke with McClelland on Friday, he was back on his feet. Since his release from the hospital on Wednesday, McClelland said he has plans for his recovery.

"I just want to get stronger and get back to the way I was before," McClelland said.