Despite government shutdown, tax refunds expected to go out on time

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COLUMBIA - Less than a week before the start of tax season, the Internal Revenue Service is bringing back thousands of employees without pay. Despite the shutdown government and a lack of funding for operations, the agency said it expects all tax refunds to be paid out as normal.

The IRS brought back 46,000 employees, or 57.4 percent of its workforce, on Monday.

Contrary to misleading reports online this week, the agency said it does not anticipate any sort of delay.

"From everything I have seen, the IRS has called back enough people to process tax returns as usual and their refund should not be delayed," said Columbia CPA Senior Tax Reduction Strategist Aric Schreinder. "If you got your refund at two weeks last year, that should be the same this year."

While the tax returns will be operating as normal, Schreinder said other parts of the IRS will not be. With 43 percent of IRS employees furloughed, some of the work they normally do will be put on the back burner.

"There have been diminished services over the past month," Schreinder said. "Amended returns are sitting on a shelf and will not be processed. Some of the call center assistance is just not there."