Digging Out a Family Affair Again in Ashland

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ASHLAND - It's again a family affair in Ashland for Marc White and his family. For White, his wife and his two kids it's their third time digging out of the snow. Not exactly the best start to his kid's spring break, but they don't mind too much.

"They love to come out here and help," said White. "The rule is we come out here and shovel the driveway and then we have a snowball fight or build a snowman right afterwards."

White said his family wasn't exactly prepared for another major storm, but all the people power they have makes it easier.

"We would like to get a snow blower to make it a little easier, but we've got our shovels and our two kids and it works out just fine," said White.

Now for the third time in just more than a month, people in mid-Missouri are digging out after a major snow storm, something White hopes he doesn't see for a long time again.

"It's crazy," said White. "But you can't do anything about Mother Nature."

But when the work is all done and the driveway is clear, Marc, his wife and his two kids - Marc and Trinity - like to have a little fun by having a snowball fight across the driveway.