Dinner Train Caters to Kids for Christmas

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COLUMBIA - Employees at the Columbia Star Dinner Train continue to prepare Friday for the maiden voyage of the Children's Christmas Express.

The dinner train made its debut in July and normally caters to adults, but this trip is all about the kids. If you can picture the movie Polar Express, then you somewhat have an idea of what this Children's Christmas Express is going to be.

Participants will board the train in Columbia. They will each receive a boarding pass as they get on. As they start their trip to the North Pole, which is actually in Hallsville, they can look out the Windows and enjoy some hot chocolate as well as cookies. They will also be able to take part in crafts to keep them occupied before arriving at the North Pole.

Once they arrive, Santa Clause, Mrs. Clause, elf's and carolers will be there to greet them and hand them gifts. When it is time to head back, Santa will join them in their return. He will spend time talking with the kids and asking the most important question of the year, which is what they want for Christmas.

Columbia Star Dinner Train added on an extra ride to their schedule because all of the days filled up in a matter for three days. For more information on the days for this event as well as others, you can go to their website.