Director of True/False documentary "Tickled" faces lawsuit

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COLUMBIA - A New Zealand filmmaker and his team face lawsuit charges for the film they produced and played during the Columbia True/False Film Festival. 

David Farrier, the director of the documentary "Tickled," told his audience Saturday night about the lawsuit he received the night before. 

David D'Amato is suing Farrier and his production team for "defamation and negligent infliction of emotional distress."

"Tickled" follows D'Amato and the tickle competition Farrier said D'Amato had a part in. The competition involved multiple videos posted online of hired young male actors flown in from throughout the country tickling each other for an hour. 

D'Amato's lawsuit said most everything in the film is false, including assertions by the filmmaker that:

- D'Amato "was a criminal"

- "The "Tickling Models 'will not talk to Farrier because they fear reprisals' from D'Amato because he will physically harm them or extort money from them"

- "One could not 'imagine having him near your children" and the "Plaintiff is 'still shooting models' and is 'terrorizing young men'"

The lawsuit was served in Boone County on March 4, 2016. Farrier and his production team may have to appear in the Boone County Courthouse in coming months.