Disaster recovery summit focuses on resilience and relief

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COLUMBIA - A research summit on disaster relief and recovery comes at a "fortuitous time," according to one of the presenters.

The UM System Research Summit will take place at Memorial Union on Wednesday. 

"The summit is really going to showcase the different aspects of resilience, relief, disaster relief, that we have; whether it's communication, whether it's social, whether it's environmental," Dr. Sheila Grant said.

Professors who are tenured, or on their way to tenure, will present research that they have been gathering for the past several months.

The tornado and flooding that just happened make the summit timely, Grant said. 

"The people in the audience will see the research that we're doing and then we can have some collaborations started. We can provide some immediate relief to some of the people in the community," she said. 

Topics will include saving lives during natural disasters and smartphone communication for disaster relief, according to the event's schedule. 

Grant said she thinks it will be a great way to connect researchers with disaster relief organizations throughout Missouri. 

"We're going to have a number of different people, from the emergency management team from the city of Columbia, FEMA and so forth, are going to be in attendance," Grant said.