Disconnection Crews To Stop Collecting Delinquent Payments

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Water and Light disconnection crews will no longer be able to collect delinquent utility payments after January 31, 2014.

This means customers who are late on their utility payments will not be able to pay the crew disconnecting their account on the spot. The change comes so that the City of Columbia can comply with new Payment Card Industry Regulations. 

These regulations are a framework to ensure the safe handeling of sensitive information. The idea is to secure customer's financial data by limiting and controlling who, how, when and where city personnel may access this information. Only those working in the Finance Department will be able to access utility customer's financial data. Columbia Water and Light crew members do not meet the policy's guidelines for collecting payments.

After January 31, 2014, utility payments will only be accepted:

  • in person, at City Hall in the drop box, drive-thru or cashier's office,
  • by phone at 573-874-7694
  • or online.