Discussion over school year continues at CPS board meeting

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COLUMBIA- Parents showed up to Tuesday afternoon to a special board meeting at the Columbia Public Schools Administration building over how their children should learn this year. 

Some parents and teachers worry about in-person classes. 

One CPS art teacher, Jessica Starbuck, said she is concerned about the amount of students she will see throughout the day.

"I will be visiting with almost every child in the school.. thats almost 700 kids," Starbuck said.

She is not the only one concerned about the health of the community. Some parents stood wearing red shirts to represent an effort to not re-open schools.

Parents and staff members held signs that wrote things like "You know it isn't safe".

But other parents wore green to represent their support for in person classes and held signs saying "School is essential" and "Kids suffer when classrooms are closed".

One parent, Marisa Hagler says she believes her daughter will not get the attention she needs from online classes.

"I feel for her to be able to excel in more advanced classes, she really needs that interaction with the teacher, where as if she has a question at that exact moment.. she is able to raise her hand and get an answer for things like that, and just social interaction" Hagler said. 

While the arguments may go both ways, some parents understand the hard decision at hand. 

"I would never want to be the person having to make this decision because there is really not a clear cut one at this point," Lena Munech, a CPS parent, said. 

As of now Columbia Public Schools are still set to open doors to in person classes August 25.