District Asks For Input On Parking

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Special Business District released an online survey Friday afternoon, asking for people's input on the city council's proposal to raise meter rates and extend hours of enforcement.  

The city currently has a proposal on the table to raise meter parking rates to 60 cents per hour in the downtown area and to extend enforcement to 9 p.m.  "We would like to get people's input on that and we've asked the council to table that for 45 days while we get that input," said Director of the Special Business District, Carrie Gartner.  

Everyone's got an opinion and employee of a local downtown business, David Ziama, says the proposal is ridiculous.  He says he already pays about $3 per shift for parking at a meter while working.  Since Ziama works nights, he isn't happy about the enforcement extension.  He also thinks the proposal will have an affect on business, because customers will not want to pay meters if rates go up.  "They're going to have to park closer to places, go into maybe a garage or places maybe where they can walk and just go in there and maybe not even come here."   

Click here to take the parking survey.