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COLUMBIA - 2017 will mark the 140th Christmas the historic Maplewood House has seen from its home in south Columbia. The Boone County Historical Society celebrated the anniversary by hosting Christmas tours of the ancient home Sunday afternoon. 

The society's director said Christmas fans and history buffs alike will be engaged by the tour.  

"They may be coming for great holiday decor, and I hope so. But I would like for young people especially to get a better idea of what this house means to the city," Director Chris Campbell said.

The Maplewood House was built in 1877, and served as the home of Boone County pioneer Ensor Lenoir and his family. The house is now under the care of the historical society, who host non-holiday themed tours of the estate throughout the year. 

Local florists and decorators provided the tour's holiday garnishes for a very small price. Each vendor received a stipend of $100 for their work, paling in comparison to the $500 that many spent producing the decorations. 

One of the tour's docents said the decorations matched with the old home give guests a visceral experience.  

"I think it gives you a different perspective on how different people lived. We read in books, but to actually walk through a building that was built centuries ago is awesome," Jane Wagner said. 

Sunday marked the first time in five years the society has hosted a Christmas tour. 

It will continue the tours on Sunday the 17th from 1 to 4 p.m.