Docudrama demonstrates effects of drunk driving to high school students

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ASHLAND - The Southern Boone County Fire Protection District acted out a "docudrama" in front of Southern Boone County High School today in order to demonstrate the effects of drunk driving. 

SoBoCo Fire Protection collaborated with Boone County Sheriff Department, University of Missouri Hospital and the Staff for Life to make the event as lifelike as possible. 

SoBoCo Fire Protection Assistant Chief Colin Wright said he usually likes to do these demonstrations when the weather starts getting warmer.

"We do this a lot of times around spring break, around prom, just to emphasize that the choices they make during some of these funner times of years can impact people's lives." Wright said. 

Wright said he also hopes the demonstration will get high schoolers interested in law enforcement and EMS.

"It's one of those few chances we have to really get out and show them what we do." Wright said. 

Wright said that although drinking and driving activities tend to increase in the warmer months, Southern Boone County has seen a decrease in teen deaths. 

"In big part through efforts such as this to encourage safe behavior," Wright said. 

Katie Nichols, a senior at SoBoCo High School, was one of the actors in the demonstration. 

"Since we're from a small town I think that kids need to know about it, not just drinking and driving but texting and driving, it's a big issue."

Nichols said she has noticed her schoolmates texting and driving frequently. 

"My biggest concern is just driving down the road and seeing someone looking down and not paying attention to what is around them."

Nichols said she hopes the students take the event seriously.

"I hope they actually take into consideration what is actually going on today and know that even though this is a docudrama, that this is real life, that it can happen to anybody, and don't think that it can't happen to you."